Telf AG: an exciting business strategy for true leaders

фото: Telf AG: an exciting business strategy for true leaders

Telf AG: your business, your solutions, your success!

The developers of Telf AG based the game on real-life processes. The goal pursued by the creators includes several components: education, analysis, prediction and entertainment. The player, for his part, strives to earn more money in order to invest it in new projects. This game is for everyone who is capable of logical thinking and problem solving skills in order to successfully pass tests and conclude contracts for subsequent effective investment in business. With the Telf AG game you can build your own virtual eco-business — develop and manage offices, parking lots, mines, factories, logistics, transport.

фото: Telf AG: an exciting business strategy for true leaders

Telf AG: testing as a path to success and development

Taking into account the game updates that just recently came out in the virtual world, the range of possibilities for Telf AG expanded. What challenges enrich players?

  • Mines. The player’s task is to choose the right mineral and put it into production. According to the test structure, there are four mines available in the game, each of which is capable of producing different types of minerals. To increase profits at this stage, the player must combine as many identical minerals located nearby as possible.
  • Parking. Within the modern Telf AG organization, every step of the business process must work flawlessly. In this location, the player will have to help drivers navigate and leave the parking area without obstacles.
  • Gas station. The car needs environmentally friendly fuel to move towards its goal. However, filling a full tank is not so easy. First you need to connect the pipes correctly and the fuel will automatically find its way to the car’s tank.
  • Railway.This mini-game describes how trucks successfully delivered Telf AG’s nickel and batteries to the railroad. However, its volumes turned out to be larger than planned. Now you need to count the number of cars and add the missing ones in order to satisfy all customer requests and make a profit.
  • Port. Another route by which Telf AG goods are transported is by water. However, a small problem has arisen: the mooring ropes of different colors have become tangled and are preventing the ship from leaving the port. Solve it and your path to success will open.

фото: Telf AG: an exciting business strategy for true leaders

New products from the developers of Telf AG — now even more possibilities

“We are pleased to present the latest update to our game Telf AG! This time we tried to do everything possible to make your gameplay even more exciting. Here are some of the key changes:

1. New resource — nickel battery. Mine nickel ore and make your own batteries to improve your gaming experience!

2. Nickel battery plant. We have added a Nickel Battery Manufacturing Plant where you can manufacture unique products to further improve your business.

3. New interface. We have changed the design of the user interface and some of its technical features, making it more intuitive and convenient for you.

4. Achievements and experience. Achievements now give you experience points, which are used to level up your player profile. Strive for new heights and unlock unique bonuses!

5. New music. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game with new exciting music created specifically to enhance your experience.

6. Bug fixes. We paid attention to detail and fixed various bugs to make your gaming session even more stable and enjoyable.”

Download Telf AG now on the App Store and Google Play, and soon on Steam. Start your path to success in the world of economics and sustainable energy.

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